Seville oranges (Marmalade)


Seville oranges are too sharp to eat raw, but sugar, lemon and heat transform them into one of the worlds finest preserves.

While we’re deep into our cold English winter, Rocio Gahona’s Seville orange grove still basks in the warmth of the Spanish sun. Her farm, Huerta Ave María, is a stunning location, surrounded by palm trees and elegant tiled villas. Her richly-hued and deeply-flavoured organic Seville oranges make some mighty fine jars of marmalade.

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Seville oranges, like Bramley apples, are best cooked. They’re very bitter raw, and very delicious cooked up into marmalade. The tangy juice can also be used in salad dressings and sauces to cut through the richness of meat and game.

The classic French bigarade is a delicious example: a dark, port-enriched, orange-flavoured sauce that is traditionally served with roast duck. The juice makes a great alternative to lime or lemon juice in ceviche. Plump meaty scallops and oily mackerel work especially well. You can also use Seville oranges to create versatile flavoured oils and vinegar’s, just drop a piece or two of oven-dried peel into the bottle and leave for a while to infuse.

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