Cornish New potatoes


Cornish new potatoes are famous for their soft, pale, loose skin and sweet, creamy texture. Affordable, incredibly versatile and easy to prepare, they need very little attention as their delicate skins mean no peeling is necessary. 

They have a naturally buttery texture and creamy flavour, so are best served simply with Cornish butter, sea salt and fresh mint. Generally speaking, new potatoes are best prepared either by steaming, boiling or roasting, so they work well in many of summer’s staple dishes, including hot and cold salads, barbecue side dishes or one-pot roasts.

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For many, seasonal food means freshness, bold flavours and natural, non-artificial production, as we’re eating it at the time of year nature intended for us to enjoy a particular fruit, vegetable, meat or herb.
And Cornish new potatoes are exactly that; they’re the nation’s first mainland new potato crop of the summer.

Grown in the county’s fertile soils stretching from Land’s End to Exeter (albeit Devon), the unique maritime climate offers generally frost-free and warmer growing conditions; growers work in harmony with both the landscape and weather, which enables them to plant – and harvest – earlier than other UK mainland crops from areas such as the East Midlands or East of England.

Many of those producing Cornish new potatoes are third, fourth or even fifth-generation growers. With a strong pedigree of producing a delicious product with a firmly British heritage.

The Cornish new potato season is generally from June until early August but, as with any seasonal product, it is at the mercy of the ever-changing Cornish climate. “Cornwall can be quite wild and unforgiving, with momentarily changing weather. We have to be able to understand it and work with it, which naturally comes with its own set of challenges, but once you do, you’re able to take advantage of all the natural benefits that you can get from the unique climate and geography,”

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