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Cavolo nero is a brassica that is closely related to kale. So, if you love kale, you are sure to love cavolo nero too! First grown in Italy in 600BC, for most of the year British cavolo nero is now grown in the rich soil of Lincolnshire.

Thanks to its Tuscan heritage and its very distinctive long, dark leaves, cavolo nero is also known as Tuscan kale or more commonly black kale or black cabbage.

Whilst it can be used in exactly the same way as its cousin kale, cavolo nero has a rich and delicious taste all of its own that complements a host of dishes. Include cavolo nero in main meals, serve as an accompaniment, partner with meat or fish, or you can even use it to make crisps and cocktails!

Steam, bake, stir fry, braise, boil or microwave, cavolo nero is both quick and easy to cook and adds colour, texture and flavour to so many recipes. 


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