Parsnips – 1kg



Roasting intensifies the sweetness of parsnip to tender, caramelised sublimity. Enjoy alongside a roast, with other root veg, feta cheese and lentils, or add to a winter salad.

Parsnips also boil or steam well. For serving as a side with melted butter and fresh herbs – or for mashing, puréeing or mixing with greens and frying in patties as a seasonal twist on bubble and squeak.


Store for 2 or 3 weeks on a cool veg rack or in the bottom of the fridge.

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Parsnips. One of the joys of winter: sweet, gutsy and very easy to cook. They taste even better after the first frost – the cold weather converts some of the starch to sugar, increasing the sweetness. Delicious roasted, blended into a soothing soup, or adding sweet crunch to raw winter salads. Their flavour is easily lifted by all sorts of spices.


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