Medjool dates




Medjool dates with stones.
Soft, succulent and bursting with natural sweetness. Medjool dates are often referred to as ‘nature’s candy’. In Israel where the dry, sunny climate creates perfect growing conditions. The variety is known for its softness and succulence.

Medjool, Medjoul, or Majhool (Arabic: مجهول‎, meaning ‘Unknown’) is a large, sweet cultivated variety of date (Phoenix dactylifera) from Morocco,[1] also grown in the United States,[2] Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Jordan and Palestine. The variety is planted both for harvesting and for landscaping.[3][4] The Medjool is a distinct landrace, described as producing “large soft fruit, with orange-yellowish flesh, and a mildly rich and pleasing flavor”.[5] Currently, thanks to advanced wastewater recycling technologies, Israel owns more than 60 percent of the global Medjool market share, which makes it the largest exporter of Medjool dates in the world

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