Leafy Celeriac


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Some say celery-ack, some say suh-leh-ree-ack. This ugly ball of dirt and tentacles is the bulbous root from a variety of celery plant. Interestingly, there are three distinct varieties of the celery plant, each variety is grown for either its bulbous root (celeriac), stalks (celery) or leafy greens (leaf celery). You will find celeriac and celery around, but leaf celery is mostly grown in East Asia. It has a stronger flavour and is used for soups and pickles.


The celeriac is a pretty gnarly looking vegetable, but peel off the outer layer to reveal its bright, white flesh. You can then cut it up as you like. Be aware, like other white vegetables (fennel, salsify) it will turn brown quickly when exposed to air. Prevent this by keeping the celeriac in a bowl of water with a splash of vinegar as you peel it.


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