Champagne Rhubarb English


English Rhubarb

400g per bundle.

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Forced Rhubarb is normally thinner than the unforced and it produces these extra thin and elegant stems which outdoor does not. Our bundles of Forced Rhubarb taste delicious, they are thinner sticks than you would find in the supermarkets but there is no difference in flavour or quality. In fact we have found the smaller stems cook slightly faster and you still get bright pink juice and the sticks crumble nicely.

The Forced Rhubarb Season usually runs from January to February. Tunnelled runs from March to April and outdoor from April to October.

Looking after your Rhubarb

We keep the Rhubarb chilled to lock in the freshness. When your bundle arrives if not putting to work straight away then keep it in the fridge. You will have around 1 week with it being at its best but do monitor. Rhubarb is quite hardy and so if you leave it a bit too long then it is worth trying to cook with it so it doesn’t go to waste.


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