Bunched radish


Colourful, peppery and crunchy, the oft-forgotten radish is a fine thing. Easy to grow, quick to harvest, and a delight on the plate. The crisp texture and vivid colour of a radish will bring life to all sorts of salads and stir fries – and you can even roast them. 

A soil-fresh radish, dab of butter, pinch of sea salt and a sunny day: simplicity itself. 

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How to store bunched radish

Remove the leaves if they are still attached, otherwise they’ll start to draw moisture away from the radish itself. You can use the leaves in salads and stir fries, so there’s no need to waste them.

How to cook bunched radish

Radishes can start to soften quite soon after picking. To pep them up, drop into a bowl of iced water, They’ll be fresh, perky and crisp after a couple of hours. Radishes are easy to prepare – just leave them whole, or slice thinly.

If you’re not such a fan of the strong, peppery flavour, cooking radishes softens and sweetens them. Simmer away in a little stock for a few mins, toss in some butter and fresh herbs, and serve as a side dish. Or try radishes roasted in olive oil with garlic and herbs for about 20 mins, until tender.

Country of origin

Grown in the United Kingdom.

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